Process and timeline

The development process will have three phases.

Phase 1: conceptual

In this phase, we are exploring existing concepts and considering new ideas. This is the phase we are currently in.

This phase includes teacher-only day discussions facilitated by principals and worksite representatives.

Phase 2: testing

We’ll be analysing possible models to consider pros and cons and what changes could work for us. This phase will start in term 2, 2017.

Phase 3: refining

We’ll fine-tune a potential new framework so that it works for everyone in every setting.

Once the development process is finished members will get to have their say on the final model. This will include deciding what claims we take into negotiations for our collective agreements to introduce the new framework.

Member engagement timeline

NZEI members will have an opportunity to engage with the career framework development over the 18 months.

What's happening When Member involvement
Career development work proposed March 2016 Member vote
Terms of reference for framework June 2016 Member vote
NZEI, Ministry of Education and STA begin work September 2016 Member consultation and engagement during teacher only day
Key ideas and conceptual models End term 1 2017 Member consultation and engagement
We're here
Models and ideas updated based on member feedback End term 4 2017 Member consultation and engagement
Design phase completed (for career framework, options for recognition, and transition End term 1 2018 Member engagement and vote on claims for 2018

Collective agreement negotiations

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