Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher- see 3.32 of the Primary Teachers Collective Agreement


Formal assessment of a teacher or principal


Judgement of practice against specified criteria (eg. professional standards)


Defined processes for the affirmation of expertise

Career development

A teacher or principal’s process of managing their worklife in order to progress towards their professional aspirations


Components of expertise that contribute to movement between tiers


In the context of the career framework development this means the professional knowledge, skills and attributes developed by teachers and principals

Expertise dimension

The proposed new aspect of the primary career framework , linking progression to expertise, complementing the role dimension

Individual Career

Professional growth, roles, responsibilities and opportunities a teacher takes over the course of their working life.

Immersion setting

Instruction entirely in Te Reo Māori

Kāhui Ako

Community of Learning. Group of schools working together to meet agreed achievement challenges to improve learner outcomes.


Professional learning and development

Primary Career Framework

Proposed new structure designed to assist teachers to plan and manage their careers by focusing on enhancing their professional expertise

Professional standards

Legally binding standards of teacher competence set by the Education Council. At the time of writing these are currently draft. The career framework will include professional standards which may be the Education Council set, subject to the final version being acceptable to the sector.


Movement through the career framework


Formal acknowledgement of role and expertise


Formally recognised teaching and leadership positions


Three proposed areas of focus within the framework to enable teachers and principals to manage their career development. They are adult to adult collaborative learning and development, adult and child teaching and learning (pedagogy) and curriculum knowledge.


Defined levels of expertise that signpost progression within the framework


(Teacher Led Innovation Fund) Contestable fund which supports teams of qualified teachers from Early Childhood Education Services me ngā Kōhanga Reo (early learning services), schools and kura, to collaboratively develop innovative practices that improve learning outcomes.

Unit and allowance system

Existing arrangements for giving financial recognition to particular teaching and leadership roles. These are set out in the Primary Teachers Collective Agreement.