New Career Framework site launched

We’ve just launched this site to act as a hub for all the discussions and resources that members are having about the Career Framework project.

As the project grows, so will the site. During the teacher only day discussions we’ll be asking you for feedback about this site and what we can include here, but there’s no need to be shy — feel free to add any suggestions or feedback here as well.


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  1. Bette Corliss on August 1, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    Think it is a good initiative if people do not want to go into management
    Career path can follow you to another school
    It values teachers instead of the management positions only
    We do not see the inclusion of the treaty partnership and Maori success as relevant on their own in the framework. It should be equitable for all teachers.
    Allowances for working in a Specialist Centre involves working in andragogy, pedagogy and curriculum knowledge and should be awarded to teachers showing skills and success in classroom teaching.
    Mainstream teachers need training to work with and provide quality learning for supported learning students. They could be sent to Specialist Learning Centres to observe and and ask for advice. Then those teachers need recognition for their specialist expertise.
    We are strongly in favour of the concept

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